Information Technology services for micro- small- and medium-sized companies

Our company's IT services provide assistance to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Our goal is to take the IT burden off the shoulders of our partners, since it is their job to build their own business. We deliver solutions that we ourselves trust and believe will ensure the IT support of your business in the long term. We don't confirm this either our opinion more than the fact that most of the solutions we deliver are also used by Zöldkorona Kft. on a daily basis.:

Our company provides the following IT services:

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GFI GFI Events Manager The huge volume of systematic event logs generated on a daily basis is of increasing importance to organisations that need to record information for forensic and compliance purposes. Real-time, network-wide event log monitoring, analysis and reporting is essential to manage incidents or security breaches and to combat threats to business continuity. (GFI EventsManager supports this huge task by automatically and centrally monitoring and managing event logs, supporting a wide range of event types generated by both the most well-known vendor applications and tools, as well as custom.)
Bitdefender vírus protection New generation endpoint protection - Bitdefender Gravity Zone (Bitdefender is a leading endpoint protection vendor, providing on-demand cloud and on-premise protection for SMBs, large enterprises and government. Its key feature is its focus on prevention. It has multiple test-winning engines to protect endpoints, servers (physical, virtualized, mail server), mobile devices, virtual environments and containerization.)
Cisco Small Busines Partner Cisco Small Business Partner (We are a Small Business Partner of Cisco, the leading network equipment (switches, routers, firewalls and others) manufacturer. Supplier of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.)
Cisco Meraki Partner Cisco Meraki Partner (If you have network devices managed from the cloud, then Meraki. Access Points, firewalls, switches, routers with cloud-based management.)
PaloAlto New Generation Firewall PaloAlto New Generation Firewall (New generation of firewall family. Easy installation, transparency, a logical menu system and all this guarantees a high level of security. They enable security policies based on users, the fine control of the applications they use and the traffic that flows through the corporate network. The range of firewalls includes tools for different environments environments. These solutions are perfectly suited both to protect networks and their interfaces and to protect applications in specific, e.g. complex industrial environments.)
Microsoft felhő alapú alkalmazások Microsoft 365 cloud-based business applications (Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution for cutting-edge Office apps, intelligent cloud services and advanced security features help you do what you want, at work and at home. The Azure Cloud platform includes more than 200 products and cloud services, designed to help you create new solutions to meet your today and prepare for the future. Develop and deploy applications and manage applications in the cloud, on-premises or on the edge network, with the freedom to choose your own tools and framework.)
Premium refurbished laptops and workstations Premium refurbished laptops and workstations If you don't have the money or simply don't want to buy an expensive new laptop or workstation (HP, DELL, Lenovo, Siemens, Fujitsu brands), then buying professionally refurbished used devices offers a great alternative. Techsaver offers a two-year warranty on refurbished laptops and workstations. In most cases, the used device is also accompanied by a legitimate Windows workstation operating system.